Dry Cleaning

What Is Dry Cleaning?

Dry cleaning is the process of cleaning a garment without the use of water. Instead, chemical solvents are used to loosen dirt and other stains from clothing or items that would not withstand the typical washer cycle. Dry cleaning chemicals can be hazardous and need to be managed by professionals only. Many times, items of clothing that are considered "dry clean only" will be damaged beyond repair if they are not handled properly, like certain silks and other fabrics. There are also dry clean items that are simply too large or unwieldy for a standard sized washer and dryer, like comforters and winter overcoats.

Benefits of Dry Cleaning

There are plenty of benefits that come from getting your clothes dry cleaned professionally at Turitto's Dry Cleaners. Among these are the fact that the solvents used by dry cleaners are able to remove grease and oil stains that water washing typically will not. Additionally, experienced dry cleaners are experts when it comes to different types of fabrics. Typical fabrics like cotton and rayon are easier to care for, but what if you have cashmere, angora or seersucker? These fabrics and many others will respond differently to different cleaning agents and a professional dry cleaner will make sure that they're using the correct treatment.

An added bonus of getting clothes professionally dry cleaned is that they'll look and feel like new again. Dry cleaning is a great way to breathe new life into a forgotten about dress, shirt or suit that may have been in the back of your closet or shoved in a drawer for some time.

dry cleaners | bismarck, nd
dry cleaners | bismarck, nd