Wet Cleaning

Wet Cleaning, or "Green" Cleansing

Wet cleaning is a newer method of caring for traditionally dry-clean-only fabrics without the use of the solvents that dry cleaning employs. Wet cleaning is a popular alternative to traditional dry cleaning because it is gentler than a typical washing machine but it doesn't use any chemicals that may be hazardous to the environment. Wet cleaning uses water, non-toxic detergents and specific moisture-sensitive drying procedures to ensure your garments are handled gently while being cleaned effectively. If you're not sure whether or not your garment can be wet cleaned it is best to ask and make sure wet cleaning is appropriate.

Benefits of Wet Cleaning

Some of the benefits of wet cleaning include:


  • No chemicals used, therefore no chemical smell or residue
  • Gentle on garments, oftentimes gentler than hand washing
  • Garments are soft, easy on sensitive skin and have a fresh scent
  • Stain removal as effective as dry cleaning
  • Cuts down on color fading on clothing and keeps white garments brighter
  • Easier on the environment

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